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PRP & Stem Cell Therapy Q & A

What is AmnioFix Sports Med?

AmnioFix is a human amniotic membrane graft.  It is supplied in powder form, then mixed with an anesthetic so it may be injected into damaged tissue by a qualified physician.  AmnioFix includes 226 different growth factors, some of which are the most notable for reducing inflammation and enhancing healing.  Amniotic membrane has been used for almost 100 years on different parts of the body to repair damaged tissue without surgery.

How Does the AmnioFix Injection Work?

Soft tissue injuries are often caused by trauma or overuse.  This can lead to micro-tears in the affected area, which can become inflamed and cause scar tissue to form.  Conservative treatments such as oral medication, rest, cortisone therapy, and physical therapy usually improve symptoms, but in some cases,  they may not be enough to heal the damaged tissue.

In these cases, you should consider AmnioFix.  AmnioFix contains naturally occurring agents that effectively reduce inflammation and scar tissue formation, and enhance healing of micro-tears in soft tissue.  The injection is administered in the office.

What Conditions Does AmnioFix Med Stem Injection Treat?

AmnioFix can help with certain sports injuries, soft tissue injuries and partial tendon tears.  It can be used to treat chronic plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, peroneal tendinitis, ankle sprains, etc.

Is AmnioFix Sports Med Injection Right For You?

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